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Catering Request FAQ & Policy Agreement

General Information:

What Information Should I Have Before Contacting You?

The date of the event, the type of event you want and the number of people you would like to host. It’s also very important to have an estimate of what you would like to spend per person.

How Early Should I Contact You Prior to My Event?

We sometimes find ourselves booked several months in advance, so we ask that you call us as soon as possible to ensure we are available on your date. Following are some general guidelines for booking events with Asado Wood Fired Grill.

In the case of a Full Service Event we prefer at least one month notice but can often accommodate you with less notice.

May through the middle of September are very busy, please contact us earlier than normal for catering during this time.

Due to the nature of our Specialty Catering options, we ask for a minimum of three weeks notice however if you need something sooner, please call us at 902-801-0026 to discuss your needs and timeline.

In the case of an unanticipated event, such as a memorial, we try our best to respond quickly.

We can sometimes accommodate last minute orders as well so please don’t hesitate to contact us. 

Do We Have to Meet in Person to Make My Catering Arrangements?

We always welcome the opportunity for a personal meeting but most of the arrangements can be made on the phone or via e-mail. However for a full service event it is helpful for us to view the event location information with you so we understand what we’re working with. 

Do You Have Disposables or Rental Equipment Available?

No. We encourage you to reach out to local vendors for all rentals.  


Are You Insured?

Yes. We can provide a certificate of insurance to any facility. Requests must be made at least 10 days before your event. This will give the insurance company the time necessary to produce the certificate to the facility. Any vendor who requests to be added as named “insured” for a particular event may be charged a fee.

Cost Considerations

What Can I Expect for Food Costs?

Per person costs for main courses often go down as the guest count goes up, since we can be more efficient in preparing larger quantities. Pricing starts at a minimum of 35 people. 

There are some dishes – Hors d’oeuvres, some appetizers, etc, which require more intricate preparation, and realize fewer cost efficiencies. We will work with you to find the combination and quantity of foods that will work within your budget and that will delight your guests. 

What Can I Expect for Cost of Service Personnel?

Critical to the perfect party is well-trained, efficient service. If you’re trying to estimate the quantity of service people you will need, consider these questions:

What type of event are you hosting (casual affair or more formal, seated dinner or buffet?)
How extensive is your set-up (formal dining tables or a buffet)?
How many people will be attending?

Based on our experience, we will recommend the minimum number of servers to ensure that your party runs smoothly.
When planning an event, there are a few small expenses that are often overlooked. Keep these items in mind as you establish your budget:

Any travel distance outside HRM will be charged at $2/Km.

We must charge 15% tax on all food & beverage

Do You Have Professional Staff Available?

Yes. We cater all of our events with a full complement of service staff. Our staff is very experienced. They set up our food service area, pass canapés and maintain all food service areas throughout the event.  

What clean up services do you provide?

During the event, we provide:

  • clearing of tables and food remnants 

  • clearing of plates, cutlery, napkins.

  • clearing of dishware from dinner tables/head tables

  • clearing of our equipment areas and any other food service areas

  • staging area is with running water required (un-rinsed otherwise)

  • collection of garbage to central area 

  • garbage removal from premises not included

  • sorting bins required from sorting of garbage/recyclables 

Full event space tear down is not included in our rates. This service can be provided for a fee. 

Event spaces that require a specific cleaning regiment need to provide Asado with a list of requirements prior to event. Additional fees apply.

What is the “Staff & Travel fee”

“We get asked all the time what our “service charge” is. This fee encompasses all event & menu consultations, event preparation, staff & orchestration. Some caterers call it “coordination-administration”, some call it “event production fee.”  This is not a gratuity for staff.  It covers all of the back end costs that go into the event aside from the food itself. The service charge is a fee (usually 18-22%) that is added by the venue or independent catering company to act as an operating cost for things such as insurance, advertising, admin staff, truck maintenance, fuel to get to events, cocktail napkins, and various sundries.

This fee offsets all of these costs to insure our clients aren’t worrying about asking for help in these areas, as many of our clients have had, or heard of others’ experience in which they are billed for these things.  We like to insure that the planning process is as easy as possible with nothing to worry about once you have us on board.


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